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Our Vision

As a Business Partner Solution in Providing Finance and Taxation Service that are Professional, Cutting Edge and International Standard.

Our Mission

Providing Professional and Excellent Service. Prioritizing Client Satisfaction and Comfort for Personal and Corporate Clients.

Our Services


Assist you in record financial transaction correctly


Do Service such as financial report, finance auditor, and others related

Accounting System

Assist you in making accounting system such as sales, purchase invoicing and standard operational producedures.

Tax Service

Help you in managing personal, employees, to corporate taxes.

Our Core Accounting and Consulting Team

When you work with Finansist International you will get an average of over 5 years of experience. We think we’ve got the preeminent accounting and finance consulting firm servicing early-stage companies. Talk to us to see our outsourced CFO, controller and accounting team is right for you!

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What you will get

  1. Calculation of monthly / annual income tax
  2. Filling in the SPT application
  3. Making Evidence of Withholding Taxes
  4. Monthly/annual Income Tax Reporting

Tax Planning

Make corporate tax planning so that the tax value paid by the company is precise and more efficient.

What you will get

Quarterly Investment Report

LKPM / PMA Report

Report the company’s investment transactions to the Indonesian Ministry of Investment every 3 (three) months.

What you will get

  1. Internal Auditor’s report regarding the current condition of the company, accompanied by an explanation of the potential risks that will be faced by the company
  2. Adjusting entries (for financial audit engagements)
  3. Recommendations for improvement on audit findings

Internal Audit

Carry out internal audit activities, both within the scope of financial audits, operational audits and compliance audits.

What you will get

Independent Auditor’s Report signed by a certified Public Accountant

External Audit

Carrying out General Audit/Financial Audit activities conducted by External Auditors from a Public Accounting Firm registered with the Indonesian Association of Public Accountants (IAPI).